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Enhanced authentication sign in

The management console provides enhanced authentication capabilities, including local multi-factor authentication and more granular authentication policies and policy assignments. You can configure the environment to specify the types of authentication that administrators must complete to sign in to the
console and users must complete before they can activate
Cylance Endpoint Security
apps and agents. By default, administrators use the
console password to access the management console and users to activate
Cylance Endpoint Security
apps and agents.
You can create authentication policies for your tenant that specify the types of authentication that must be completed by all administrators and users on the tenant. Only one tenant policy can be created for
console sign-in,
Cylance Endpoint Security
apps, and
Cylance Endpoint Security
desktop agents. You can create authentication policies for users that specify the types of authentication administrators and users on the tenant must complete. The type of authentication added to the tenant policy and authentication policy must be completed in the order that they are specified in the policy. As a failsafe, you may configure one administrator to access the
console using their username and a strong password.
The updated sign-in flow is now the only method to access the
console. Any authentication policies that you applied in your console during the preview period have taken effect.
To configure enhanced authentication for sign-in, perform the following actions:
Step 1
Sign in to the
console using your existing username and password.
Step 2
Add an authenticator (for example, One-Time Password or Enterprise). By default, the following authenticators are configured for use in your environment: One-time password,
console password and enterprise authentication.
Step 3
Create an authentication policy that uses the password and the authenticator that you created (optional).
As a failsafe, create one authentication policy that only uses the
console password and assign it to one administrator.
Step 4
Create a tenant policy for administrators and users.