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Create a configuration file

Create the following file before installing the .rpm or .deb:
Add configuration settings to the file, such as:
InstallToken=YOURINSTALLTOKEN SelfProtectionLevel=2 LogLevel=2 VenueZone=ZONE_NAME UiMode=2 AWS=1
This file will be removed after installing the .rpm.
  • Creating the config_defaults.txt file on a DOS/Windows machine may cause device registration to fail on a Linux agent. Text files created on DOS/Windows machines have a carriage return and line feed ("\r\n") as a line ending, but Linux/Unix machines have just a line feed ("\n") as a line ending.
    CylancePROTECT Desktop
    requires the config_defaults.txt file to contain only line feed ("\n") as a line ending. For instructions on how to convert the config_defaults.txt file to a proper format. For information, visit to read article 65749.
  • The configuration file will be removed after the .rpm or .deb has been installed.
This is required. It is your Installation Token that you can find in the console
(Settings > Application
Can restrict access to the Cylance Service and folders.
  • 1 = Only Local Administrators can make changes to the registry and services.
  • 2 = Only the System Administrator can make changes to the registry and services. This should be the default setting.
Sets the level of information gathered in the debug logs.
  • 0 = Error
  • 1 = Warning
  • 2 = Information (this should be the default setting)
  • 3 = Verbose (log file size can grow quickly).
Use this to assign the Linux Agent to a zone in the organization.
  • Add devices to a zone.
  • Replace zone_name with the name of an existing zone or a zone you want to create.
  • If the zone does not exist, the zone is created using the name provided.
  • If the device name or zone name contains a leading whitespace " Hello" or trailing whitespace "Hello ",  it is removed during device registration.
    Tabs, carriage returns, newlines, or other invisible characters are not permitted.
  • Zone names cannot contain an equals sign, such as "Hello=World".
Sets the mode for the Agent user-interface when the system starts.
  • 1 = Minimal user-interface
  • 2 = Full user-interface
Specifies the Agent is running on an AmazonCloud host. This will enable the Agent to capture the Instance ID and store it with the hostname to the Device Name field.
  • 1 = Capture ID
The Device Name is modified to include Hostname + Instance ID
ABC-DE-123456789_i- 0a1b2cd34efg56789 where the device name is ABCDE- 12345678 and the AWS EC2 ID is i-0a1b2cd34efg56789.
Example script to create the configuration text file:
echo InstallToken=YOURINSTALLTOKEN > config_defaults.txt echo SelfProtectionLevel=# >> config_defaults.txt echo VenueZone=zone_name >> config_defaults.txt echo LogLevel=# >> config_defaults.txt
  • The config_defaults.txt file must be in /opt/cylance/.
  • In the example, replace YOURINSTALLTOKEN with the installation token from the management console.
  • In the example, replace zone_name with the name of the zone the device should be added to.