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Updating the

Each supported
kernel requires a supported driver so that the
CylancePROTECT Desktop
agent can run on the device. When you upgrade the
kernel on a device, you must make sure that the device is running a driver that supports it. Upgrading to the latest kernel ensures that your device receives the latest OS security updates, while using the latest agent and driver ensures that
keeps it protected.
You have the following options to keep the
driver updated:
Automatically update the driver as soon as an update is available when you upgrade the Linux kernel
Manually update the driver when you upgrade the Linux kernel
  • Each time you upgrade the Linux kernel, you need to manually download the driver package when it becomes available in the management console. To determine the minimum driver version that you need for the
    kernel that you are using, see the Supported Linux drivers and kernels spreadsheet.
  • You can use a package manager or similar tools and methods to update the agent and driver. 
  • If you choose to update the agent manually,
    recommends that you change the zone-based update Agent setting to Do Not Update for these devices.
The 3.1.1100 driver is compatible with agent 2.1.1590 and later. You can install the driver on devices that are running agent version 2.1.1590 and later so that you can benefit from the Auto-Update Linux Driver feature when you upgrade to agent 3.1.