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Enroll the
CylanceGATEWAY Connector
with the
BlackBerry Infrastructure

After you install the
CylanceGATEWAY Connector
and configure its firewall, you must connect it to the
BlackBerry Infrastructure
  1. In a web browser, navigate to the IP address of your
    CylanceGATEWAY Connector
  2. To accept the self-signed certificate and proceed to the HTTPS service, click
    Proceed to the HTTPs service
  3. At the prompt, enter the default administrator username and password and click
    Sign In
    The default username is admin. The default password is blackberry.
  4. The first time that you log in to the
    CylanceGATEWAY Connector
    web interface, you must change the default administrator password for the
    CylanceGATEWAY Connector
    . This does not change the password for the
    CylanceGATEWAY Connector
    in the
    , the
    Microsoft Azure
    portal, the
    console, or
    Manager console.
  5. Log in again to the
    CylanceGATEWAY Connector
    web interface using the new password.
  6. On the
    BlackBerry Solution License Agreement
    screen, review the license agreement and click
    I Agree
  7. To authorize the
    CylanceGATEWAY Connector
    to the
    BlackBerry Infrastructure
    for your organization, you must enroll the connector.
    1. Review and agree to the privacy notice. Select the
      I agree to the BlackBerry Privacy Notice
      check box.
    2. In the
      field, type the URL for the connector to access the management console.
      To get the URL, in the management console, click
      Settings > Network > Private Network
      and on the
      Gateway Connectors
      tab, click
      Add Connectors
    3. In the
      Proxy URL
      field, enter the URL for the proxy server. When you enter the proxy URL on this screen, the
      Proxy URL
      field on the Settings page is populated with the same URL and vice versa.
  8. Click
    Enroll this Connector
    . The management console opens.
  9. Log in to the management console as an administrator.
  10. In the
    Connector name
    field, type a name for the connector.
  11. In the
    Connector group
    drop-down list, select a connector group that you want to assign it to.
  12. Click
The connector, its version, and the connector group that it is assigned to appears in the list of
Connectors. The
column shows whether or not the private network, its DNS, and health checks are functioning normally. For information on statuses that might be displayed, see Managing CylanceGATEWAY Connectors.