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Managing updates for the
CylancePROTECT Desktop

You can use update rules to manage updates of the
CylancePROTECT Desktop
agents on devices. Update rules allow you to configure
Cylance Endpoint Security
to automatically push updates to a specific version or the latest available version, or you can turn off automatic updates so that you can manage the software distribution using your organization’s preferred method. Zones are associated with update rules, so that devices and users that are part of those zones receive updates accordingly (also known as zone-based updating). By default, the Test, Pilot, and Production update rules are available but you can also add additional update rules to manage agent updates based on your organization's needs.
The agent version on the device is always updated to the version that is specified in the update rule. You can use update rules to install an earlier version of an agent, even if the device is already using a newer version.
If the
driver on a device was previously updated manually on a device, the driver is not automatically updated as part of the agent update. This is to prevent the automated system from overwriting an action taken by an administrator.
When you are testing agent updates, consider the following:
  • BlackBerry
    recommends that you test agent update rules using update rules and zones that were created for testing purposes (for example, using the Test and Pilot update rules) before using other update rules that you added for production deployment. When testing updates, consider using devices that are reserved for testing and evaluation purposes.
  • Create zones for testing agent updates and add devices that are reserved for testing to them. Associate the zones that you created with the Test and Pilot update rules. For more information about creating zones, see Setting up zones to manage CylancePROTECT Desktop and CylanceOPTICS.
  • Make sure that all test devices are in a zone that you are testing. The Production update rule applies to all devices that are not in a zone with another update rule associated.
If memory protection, script control, and/or device control are enabled in the device policy, a reboot of the device following the agent installation or upgrade is recommended, but not strictly required. A reboot will ensure that any new policy settings have taken full effect.

How update rules work with zones

  • Devices are associated with zones either by zone rules or by manual assignment.
  • Devices can be associated with multiple zones.
  • Zones are assigned to update rules. Devices that are assigned to those zones will follow the update rules.
  • Update rules are not specific to an operating system (OS) platform, but you can create zones to manage the updates of devices with specific OS platforms. If the agent version that is specified in the update rule is not available for a platform, the device receives the update as soon as it becomes available for the platform.
  • Update rules are ranked. If a device is associated with multiple zones that are assigned different update rules, the highest-ranked update rule that specifies an update to the agent (auto-update or a specific version) takes effect. If a device is in at least one zone with an update rule that specifies an update, the agent on the device will be updated accordingly. The Production update rule has the lowest rank and applies to devices that aren't in any zone with an update rule, and devices in zones where none of the rules have specified an update to the agent.

Examples of update rules

The following examples illustrate update rules that are assigned zones that were created specifically for zone-based updates.
Update rule example
Assigned zones
Server - Test
  • Windows
    Server - US Test update zone
  • Windows
    Server - Europe Test update zone
Server - Pilot
  • Windows
    Server - US Pilot update zone
  • Windows
    Server - Europe Pilot update zone
Server - Production
  • Windows
    Server - US Production update zone
  • Windows
    Server - Europe Production update zone