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Specify private
agent IP ranges

allocates tunnel private IP addresses to
agents from a private IP range that is configured system-wide and is the same for each tenant. You may want to specify an endpoint tunnel private IP range that does not overlap the tenant's private network range to
agents. Providing a private IP range might prevent potential conflicts such as when an agent attempts to access a private network service that has the same IP address that is assigned to the agent. The agent IP range must be in a IPv4 CIDR format and unique within your private network to prevent issues with routing to other endpoints in your network. By default, the range is Suffixes must be less than 17.
If you change the agent IP range, the associated agents and
CylanceGATEWAY Connector
s might disconnect and reconnect. If you access the Gateway Connectors screen (Settings > Network > Private Network) during the disconnect and reconnect, one of the following messages might be displayed. Click The Refresh icon.
  • Registration could not be completed: 500
  • Failure. Reboot required to apply OS updates and security fixes
  1. On the menu bar, click
    Settings > Network
  2. Click the
    Private Network
  3. Click
    Agent IP Range
  4. Enter the CIDR.
  5. Click