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Testing your
CylancePROTECT Desktop

Before you deploy the
CylancePROTECT Desktop
agent to your organization, you should test how it behaves with other applications in a test environment so that you can make sure that the applications that are used in your organization are allowed to run and work as expected. For example, if you discover that the agent blocks some applications, such as custom-built apps or scripts from running properly, you can configure exclusions in your environment to allow them to do so.
When you want to test the agent, install it on test systems that include applications that are used in your organization to make sure that it accurately represents the environment that you expect users to be using.
To test the agent, you do the following:
  1. Create test policies.
  2. Create test zones.
The testing process includes creating test device policies and test zones. Device policies contain the settings for the agent and tell it what to do when it encounters a threat. Zones help you group your systems by geographical location, business unit, operating system, or other group properties. Zone rules help you automatically assign systems to a zone based on the criteria that you set (for example, operating system, IP address range, and other criteria). You should test policies and zones to familiarize yourself with these features and to help you plan how to use these features in your organization.