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Use templates to group data types

You can use templates to group sensitive data types for your organization to use in a policy.
  1. From the management console, on the menu bar, click
    Settings > Information Protection
  2. Click the
  3. To add a predefined template, click
    Add Predefined
    , select the predefined templates from the list and click
  4. To create a custom template, click
    Create Custom
  5. From the
    Add new template
    page, in the
    General Information
    section, enter the Template name and select the region from the drop-down list.
  6. In the
    drop-down menu, select the region the template will be used for. For example, if you are creating a template with Canadian Health card and Canadian Sin number data types, select Canada as the region.
  7. In the
    Information type
    drop-down menu, select the type of information that matches your template. Values are custom, financial, health, and personal data.
  8. In the
    Conditions Builder
    section, select the data type from the drop-down list and specify the number of minimum occurrences required to trigger the policy violation. To add another data type to the group, click
    Add Item
    • To add another data type to the group, click
      Add Item
    • To add another condition group, click
      Add Group
  9. Click
After your template is added, you can add it to an information protection policy. See Managing information protection policies for more information.
To remove a template, in the
column beside the template that you want to remove, do the following:
  • To remove a predefined template, click The Remove icon. At the confirmation dialog, click
  • To delete a custom template, click The Delete icon. At the confirmation dialog, click
When a template is removed from your list, it will no longer be available for use in an information protection policy.
To edit a custom template, click on the template in the list, and edit the information in the fields. You cannot edit a predefined template. Refer to steps 4-7 for more information.
To copy a template, click The Copy template icon in the actions column of the template you want to copy.