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Agent settings

Use agent settings to display desktop notifications when a file is quarantined, etc. on devices. You can also upload agent log files to the console from this page.
Enable auto-upload of log files
Enable agent logs in the console to upload log files and view them in the console. Uploaded log files are stored for 30 days.
After enabling this option, an Agent Logs tab displays when you select a device assigned to this policy from the Devices tab. The log file name is the date of the log.
Enable desktop notifications
Agent notification popups can be configured on each device or set at the policy-level in the console. Enabling or disabling the agent notification popups at the device-level takes precedence over the console settings. Make sure the device you want to log files for is assigned to this policy.
In the agent UI, the Events tab is cleared when the CylanceUI is restarted or when the device is rebooted.