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Add an external storage exclusion

You can add exclusions for external USB mass storage devices when you want to specify the access permissions for specific storage devices. When you add exclusions to the device control policy, you need the device's vendor ID. The product ID and serial number are optional and can also be used if you want to make the exclusion more specific. To ensure that you are using the correct information for each exclusion, you can enable device control then insert a device and look for its log entry in the console (
Protection > External devices
Consider the following when you are adding external storage exclusions:
  • Not all manufacturers use a serial number with their products. Some manufacturers use the same serial number for multiple products.
  • External storage exclusions are not editable. Add new exclusions as necessary and delete any exclusions that are no longer needed.
  • There is a limit of 5000 exclusions for each device control policy. The
    Add device
    button is disabled when this limit is reached.
  1. In the console, navigate to
    Settings > Device Policy
  2. Create a new policy or edit an existing policy.
  3. Click the
    Device Control
    tab and make sure that
    Device Control
    is enabled.
  4. In the
    External Storage Exclusion List
    section, click
    Add device
  5. Enter the
    Vendor ID
  6. Optionally, include the
    Product ID
    Serial Number
    to refine the exclusion. You can also add a comment to describe the exclusion.
  7. In the
    field, select the access level that you want to assign:
    • Full Access
    • Read Only
    • Block
  8. Click
  9. Save (or create) the policy.