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View a quick summary of an alert

The Sent Alert screen provides the following information about sent alerts:
  • Alert title
  • Alert ID
  • Status: Ended, Live, or Scheduled
  • Start time
  • Publisher: The operator who published the alert.
  • Targeted: The number of targeted users for the alert.
  • Sent: The number of users the alert was sent to.
  • Responded: The number of users who responded to the alert.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
    Sent Alerts
  2. On the
    Sent Alerts
    screen, use the search field or scroll down to locate the alert that you want to view. You can also click a column header to sort the sent alerts list.
  3. Hover your cursor over the title of the alert. A tooltip is displayed, providing the following information:
    • Alert Title
    • Alert ID
    • Body
    • Severity
    • Type
    • Time Left
      : This field appears only if the alert has a Live status.
    • Response Options
      : If the alert has a Scheduled or Draft status, the response options appear by themselves. If the status is either Live or Ended, each response option is followed by a number that indicates how many respondents have chosen that option.
  4. Click anywhere in an alert line to open the
    screen for the alert. The Users screen provides information about the targeted users and response details for the alert. The
    Sent Details
    section displays the number of targeted users. The
    Response Details
    section displays the number of users with each status. If dependents are enabled for your organization and in the alert template, the number of users displayed in the tool tip includes the number of sponsors and dependents.
  5. Click the
    tab to view details of the content of the alert, including response options, severity, type, location, alert time and targeted users.
    If attachments are included in the alert, they are displayed. Click the attachment to open a preview window. In the preview window, click
    to download the attachment.
    The details screen is identical for both Live and Ended alerts except that the
    section of a Live alert is editable, allowing you to change the end time.
    • If the alert has a status of
      , you can edit the details of the alert.
    • If the alert has a status of
      , you can end the alert. You can edit the end time of the alert if there are five or more minutes remaining before the alert end time.
    • If the alert has a status of
      , you cannot edit it.