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Quick publish an alert

When time is critical and you want to publish an alert where only the Title and Body content needs to be changed, you can edit only those sections without the need to wait for the entire Review and Publish page to load.
Before you can quick publish an alert, the alert template must be in a Ready state.
  1. Access an alert template from any of the following locations:
    • The Quick Publish section on the
      BlackBerry AtHoc
      management system home page
    • The Alert Templates page
    • The Sent Alerts page. Select an alert, and then select
      More Actions
    The Review and Publish page opens. The Title and Body fields in the Content section of the alert template appear in a white box at the top of the page.
  2. On the
    Review and Publish
    page, clickThe edit icon.
  3. On the
    Edit Title and Body
    window, update the title and body text as needed. The title must be between 3 and 100 characters. The body must be fewer than 4000 characters.
  4. Click
    . You are returned to the Review and Publish page. If you click
    at the bottom of the
    Review and Publish
    page to edit other sections of the alert template, any changes you made in the Edit Title and Body window are not retained.
  5. Click