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Publish a blank alert

Before you create and publish a new alert, go to the
BlackBerry AtHoc
home page and check the list of all alerts that are currently live, scheduled, and recurring in the system. This will help you avoid creating a duplicate alert.
If you have operator permissions, you can create a new alert without any predefined content or targeted users.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
    New Alert
  2. On the
    Select from Alert Templates
    screen, click
    Create a Blank Alert
  3. Click
    Review and Publish
  4. On the
    Review and Publish
    screen, review the content of the alert.
  5. Optionally, click
    Export to PDF
    to export the content of the alert template to a PDF file.
  6. Optionally, click
    Preview and Publish
    to preview how the alert content appears to end users.
    This option is not available for bilingual alerts.
  7. Click