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Target or block users with the User Last Updated Source attribute

Operators can target or block users based on the source that last updated the users' profiles. The following table lists the possible sources and the search terms required to target users by source.
Search term
Mobile app
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Report
  • Emergency
  • User Tracking - Mobile App
  • Mobile
Self Service
BlackBerry AtHoc
Management System
User Sync Client
CSV Import
Targeted Device
  • Alert Tracking - Desktop Popup
  • Alert Tracking - Email
  • Alert Tracking - Mobile App
  • Alert Tracking - Phone
  • Alert Tracking - Text Messaging
  1. In the
    Target Users
    section, click
    By Advanced Query
  2. Select the AND/OR operator. When AND is selected, users must meet all search conditions to be included in the search results. When OR is selected, users that match any of the search conditions are included. The default is AND.
  3. Click
    Add Condition
  4. From the
    Select Attribute
    list, select
    User Last Updated Source
  5. Select an operation from the
    Select Operation
  6. In the blank field that appears, enter the source that you want to target users by. The text you enter in this field must match one of the search terms listed in the table above. You can add more than one source, separated by a comma. For example, API, UserSyncClient.