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Preview and publish an alert

On the Review and Publish page, you can access the preview screen to view how the alert will appear to end users. For Email devices, you can also modify the appearance of the alert.
  1. On the
    Review and Publish
    screen, click
    Preview and Publish
  2. On the preview screen, in the
    Original Content
    section, review the title, body, response options, location, more info links, attachments, and targeted users, groups, and organizations in the original alert template content.
  3. In the
    Device Summary
    section, review the selected devices. This section displays the percentage of targeted users that are reachable by each selected device. This section also displays any selected device delivery preferences and mass devices.
  4. If Email is a targeted device, in the
    Email Preview
    section, review and edit how the email alert will appear to end users.
    • Optionally, select the
      Include Map
      option to include the selected location as a map in the alert. Users who receive the alert can click the image of the map in the alert to go to an interactive map. This option is available only when a location is selected in the Content section.
    • Optionally, select a custom delivery template from the
      Custom Template
      pull-down menu.
      BlackBerry AtHoc
      provides default templates for each alert severity: High, Moderate, Low, Informational, and Unknown. By default, the custom delivery template associated with the selected alert severity is used.
      If you select a custom template that your email delivery system does not support, the default template is used.
    • Optionally, click
      Edit & Format
      . On the
      Edit & Format
      dialog, use the text editing tools to modify the formatting of the title and body text. Click
    Your formatting updates are displayed in the
    Email Preview
  5. Click