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Select the device delivery preference

Device delivery preference must be enabled in
Feature Enablement
. When device delivery preference is enabled, devices selected in the order configured by the organization or in the default order and default interval are used. If the desktop app is an enabled device in the organization, it is first in priority.
After selecting the personal devices to use to contact users, the operator selects the delivery method and can choose between organization-defined, system-defined, or user-preferred device delivery preference to use to contact users. This selection applies to personal devices only. The default selection is system-defined.
When the device delivery preference is system-defined, all devices are targeted almost simultaneously. The alert is sent to the users targeted in the alert on all of their enabled devices at the same time. Phones can be set in a delivery order.
When the device delivery preference is user-preferred, the user defined sequence, configured in either the
BlackBerry AtHoc
management system or in Self Service, is applied.
When device delivery preference is enabled, and the alert publisher selects Device Delivery Preference as organization-defined or user-preferred, on the Alert Publish page,
BlackBerry AtHoc
performs redundant message stop. End users targeted in the alert receive the alert on their enabled devices in the specified sequence and interval. Once a user responds to the alert on a higher priority device, they should not receive the alert on any additional enabled devices. The alert must contain response options for redundant message stop to work. Messages do not stop until the user responds with a response option.
Users may receive an alert on their next device if
BlackBerry AtHoc
did not receive their response before sending the alert to the user’s next device. Users will also receive alerts on additional devices when an alert does not have a response option that the user can respond to.
If a high severity alert is received on the mobile app and audio tones are used, only a response from the mobile app will stop the mobile app audio. Responding on another device does stop the audio once the alert has been received on the mobile app.
  • Device delivery preference must be enabled for your organization.
  • Device delivery priority and delay must be configured in
  1. In the
    Target Users
    section, click
    Device Delivery Preference
  2. Select
    System defined
    Organization defined
    , or
    User preferred
    . The operator does not see the order or interval when sending the alert.