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View users on the publisher map

Users last known locations can be displayed on the publisher map. A user's last known location is updated when they do any of the following from the
BlackBerry AtHoc
mobile app:
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Send a report
  • Send an emergency
  • Enable the tracking feature
  • Enable scheduled location access
  1. On the publisher map, click The Distribution Lists icon to open the
    Show Users from Distribution Lists
    panel. You can select to view users from multiple distribution lists. If multiple users are members of the same distribution list and are in the same location, the number of users is displayed in a circle with a color that matches the color assigned to the distribution list. When users from different selected distribution lists are in the same location, they are displayed in a grey circle.
    View users from multiple distribution lists on the map
  2. Optionally, click The Working Area icon to zoom the map out to show all users in the selected distribution lists:
    Zoom out to view all users in selected distribution lists
  3. Optionally, click a grey circle to display separate circles that have users from the selected distribution lists:
    Click to show members of different distribution list
  4. Click a circle to open the user details pop-up. The user details pop-up displays the last known location, a timestamp for the last known location, and distribution list membership for a user.
    The user details pop-up
  5. Optionally, click
    Show More Info
    to display the attributes, groups, and devices for the user. The details of the user pop-up can be configured in
    General Settings
    User Details - Popup View
    View more info on the user details pop-up
  6. Optionally, click
    Zoom to
    to move the map view to the user.
  7. Optionally, click The forward button to display the details for the next user.
    The The forward button icon appears only when more than one user is displayed in the selected location.