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Configure a call bridge for a response option

A call bridge is a type of alert response option for telephony devices consisting of a text response accompanied by either a phone number or a URL address. If you set up a Call Bridge phone option, end users must type the full phone number plus the passcode (if required) preceded by an ‘x’ delimiter: for example, (321)987-6543x98127.
  1. In the
    Response Options
    section, select the
    Call Bridge
    option beside a response option.
  2. In the
    Call Bridge #
    field, enter the conference call number.
  3. In the
    Pass Code
    field, enter the pass code users will use to dial in to the conference call. To add pauses before or in the middle of the code (for the operator to speak), add a comma for each second of pause time.
  4. Optionally, in the
    Conference URL
    field, enter a call bridge URL. The URL address must begin with one of the following:
    • http:// – for standard web addresses
    • https:// – for secured web addresses