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Map controls

The following control options are available on the publisher map:
  • Find a place
    The search icon: Enter an address and press
    on your keyboard to move the map view to that location.
  • The Map Options icon: Select the type of map you want to view. For more information, see Change the map type.
  • The Layers icon: Select the layers that are displayed on the map. You can select whether to view the following layers:
    • Live accountability events
    • Events from all suborganizations
    • Live sent alerts
    • Live incoming alerts. Live incoming alerts include: Connect alerts and check-in, check-out, emergency and report alerts from the mobile app.
    • Connected organizations
    • Predefined locations. Predefined locations are imported layers and shape files.
  • The Distribution Lists icon: Display users from distribution lists on the publisher map.
  • The Refresh icon: Refresh the map. The map updates automatically every sixty seconds.
  • The Working Area icon: Zoom to fit. Zoom out to display all incoming live Connect and mobile alerts.
  • The zoom in icon: Zoom in.
  • The home icon: Move to the default view.
  • The zoom out icon: Zoom out.