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Configuration and Setup

You can set up the default map view and select your areas of interest for external events in the Configuration and Setup section.
The default map view is the view a user sees when they open the live or publisher map.
Select locations on the map to specify the areas of interest to receive notifications about when external events occur.
Draw shapes or select locations on the map to define your organizational area (areas of interest) to monitor for external events. When an external event impacts a defined organizational area, a notification of the event is sent to the Inbox in the
BlackBerry AtHoc
management system.
  1. On the
    Map Settings
    screen, in the
    Configuration and Setup
    section, click The Edit icon in the
    Default Map View and Organizational Areas
    section. An editable map screen opens.
  2. Optionally, do any of the following:
    • Click The Map icon to select the type of map to display by default.
    • Click The Users icon to display users from distribution lists on the map. You can select to display up to ten distribution lists.
    • Click The Layers icon to choose the layers to display on the map. You can select whether to view:
      • Live accountability events
      • Accountability events from suborganizations
      • Live sent alerts
      • Live incoming alerts
      • Shape layers
      • Organizations
    • In the
      Find a place
      field, enter an address and press
      on your keyboard to zoom to that location on the map.
      The location on the map you zoom to is configured as the default map view and organizational area. The default map view is displayed on the live and publisher maps and in the Recently Received Alerts section on the
      BlackBerry AtHoc
      management system home page.
  3. Optionally, to select your organizational area for external events, do the following:
    • Click
      Create Custom Locations
      , and then select a shape from the shapes panel. Click and drag on the map to draw the shape.
    • Click
      Select Predefined Locations
      , and then select a location from the pull-down menu.
    You can create multiple custom locations and select multiple predefined locations. You can select a combination of custom and predefined locations.
  4. Click The Refresh icon to refresh the map and review your changes.
  5. Click
  6. Optionally, on the
    Map Settings
    screen, in the
    Unit of Measure
    section, select
    Imperial (miles)
    Metric (kilometers)
    . Imperial (miles) is selected by default. The selected unit of measure will display on the live and publisher maps. This setting is applied only to the current organization.
  7. Click