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Validation rules

The following validation rules are delivered by a third-party open source component. For more information, see:
  • E.164 international format is preferred and is always accepted. The number should start with + followed by the country code and then the full number to call. A maximum of 15 digits can be used. For example: +18884628462.
  • Numbers can have an extension. The user interface has a separate field for telephone extensions. When importing numbers, an x should be used to separate the main number from the extension. When dialing, the Telephony Delivery Service will wait for the call to connect before dialing the extension. For example: +18884628462x1340. Unlike the phone number field, the extension field is not validated.
  • Numbers not in E.164 are interpreted based on the Default Country Code for the Organization.
    • The Default Country Code can be set on the General Settings screen in the Phone Call Settings section.
    • For example, for the Country Code “US,” the following rules apply:
      • If the number starts with 011, which is the international exit code from within US, it will be replaced with +.
      • If the number contains only 10 digits, it will be stored as +1 followed by the number.
      • If the number contains 11 digits and starts with 1, it will be stored as +1 followed by the number.
      • For example: (888) 462-8462 will be interpreted as +18884628462
  • Common formatting punctuation is ignored.
    • The following characters are removed: ().-_
    • For example: +1 (888) 462-8462 will be interpreted as +18884628462.
    • If you are using control characters such as , (comma) or # (pound sign), they must be in the extension field.
  • If the number contains letters, they will be converted to numbers according to a standard keypad. For example: (888) Go
    will be converted to +18884628462.
  • If the number starts with +, it will be assumed to be an international number. For example: A number starting with +440 will dial the UK, even though 440 is a valid US area code.