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Block a user from receiving an alert

You can block (exclude) specific users from receiving an alert. Individual alert settings take precedence over group settings, so if a user is blocked, they will not receive an alert even if a group they belong to is targeted in the alert.
  1. In the
    Target Users
    section, click
    By Users
  2. In the
    field, click
    Add/Block Users
  3. On the
    Add/Block Users
    screen, click
    beside each user you want to block from receiving the alert.
    If the user's name does not appear on the screen, enter the name in the search field, then click
    When you block a user, the Block link becomes an Unblock link and a The Block icon appears beside their name.
  4. Click
The Users screen reappears, displaying the names of the users you blocked with The Block icon beside their name.