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Publish a geofence alert

Geofence targeting enables operators to target users who are part of a defined geo perimeter on the map. When geofence targeting is enabled,
BlackBerry AtHoc
looks for updates made to users' locations that match the geo perimeter selected in the alert.
BlackBerry AtHoc
sends an alert to users who are added to the targeted users for the alert.
User locations are updated when a user manually updates their address, performs a check-in on the mobile app, or when their location is updated by scheduled location access to the location defined in the geofence alert.
Geofence alerts are not limited to location-based targeting. Geofence alerts can also include other targeting methods such as targeting by user, by groups, or by advanced query. If there are updates made to users that match the targeting criteria in the geofence alert for other conditions except location, the new user still receives the alert.
In the alert summary, or in alert reports, there is no distinction between users targeted initially and new users who receive the alert when they enter the geo perimeter.
  • If you enable fill count, geofence targeting is disabled and cannot be enabled.
  • If you enable geofence targeting, fill count is disabled and cannot be enabled.
  • Operator and distribution list user base restrictions apply for alerts that use geofence targeting. If a user enters the defined alert perimeter, and that user is outside the operator's user base, that user is not targeted.
For more information, see Enable geofence targeting.