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Message termination

BlackBerry AtHoc
management system performs message termination (also known as call termination) on hosted telephone devices for users with multiple targeted phones. Message termination is enabled by default. Message termination is not performed for other devices such as email, SMS, or the mobile app.
When a user has multiple phone numbers in the system, and those numbers are all targeted, when the user responds from one number, they should not receive the alert on any other phone numbers. The operator must select the order of the phones, or they are all listed as priority 1 and the alert is sent to all phones at the same time. The alert must contain response options so that the user can respond and prevent the alert from being sent to their additional phone devices.
The number of users and phone numbers targeted in an alert may impact the user experience of message termination. For example, if an alert is sent to a small group of users, they may not have enough time to respond to the alert on their first targeted phone before the system sends the alert out to the second group of phone numbers.
To specify the call order, operators should set the preference order for phone devices when selecting them for targeting in an alert.
Specify the order of phone devices
The Stop Calling Options for phones set in the Personal Devices Options in an alert also impact message termination. If an operator selects the “Recipient listened to the entire message” or “Entire Message left on Voicemail” stop calling option, the delivery preference continues until one of the devices is used to respond to an alert. These phone options, designed to stop phone calls if the user listens to the message or has the message left on their voicemail, do not function with device delivery preference. Phone calls continue in the order of the delivery preference, and users continue to receive phone calls, even if the operator selects these options. The user must respond to the alert to stop alerts from being sent to their additional devices. Ensure that the
Requires Acknowledgment
option is selected in the Personal Devices Options for phone devices.
Message termination applies only to multiple phone device types. Message termination is not redundant message stop, which applies to other targeted device types and is enabled when a system administrator enables device delivery preference. For more information, see Redundant message stop.