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Steps to get Start with CylanceON-PREM

The following steps outline how you can get started with CylanceON-PREM including pre-deployment steps, deployment steps, CylanceON-PREM configuration steps, console configuration steps, and Agent installation steps.
Pre-deployment steps
  1. Create a DNS Entry on the Network. See Prerequisites for more information.
  2. Locate the root CA certificate. See Prerequisites for more information.
Deployment steps
  1. Import the
    virtual appliance (OVA file):
CylanceON-PREM configuration steps
  1. Log in to the management console to configure
    . See Configure CylanceON-PREM for more information.
  2. Select a database option:
Console configuration steps
  1. Add or import a policy:
  2. Create a device tag (optional).
  3. Add a tag rule (optional). 
  4. Add a policy rule(optional). 
Agent installation steps
Starting with ON-PREM 1.8.0, Windows XP and Windows 2003 are no longer supported due to a lack of AES support on these operating systems. Agents need to be running on Windows 7 or later or Windows Server 2008 SP2 or later. For more information about supported operating systems, refer to the requirements