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Add a tag rule

A tag can only be associated with one tag rule. However, you can add multiple AND/OR conditions to evaluate additional properties for a tag rule.
Add a device tag to a device. See Add a device tag for more information.
  1. In the console, on the menu bar, click
    Rules > Tag Rules
  2. Click
    Add New Tag Rule
  3. Enter a
    Tag Rule Name
    . Optionally, you can enter a description for the tag rule.
  4. Select a tag from the
    Devices affected will receive the following tag
    drop-down for the rule.
  5. Create a rule condition. Rule conditions contain three parts that are used to determine whether a tag rule will be applied: evaluation property, operator, and value. If the rule condition evaluates to
    , the tag will be applied to a device.
    1. Click an evaluation property from the drop-down list beside
      Device Name
    2. Click an operator from the drop-down list beside
      Starts With
      . See Tag rule operators for a detailed description of all available operators.
    3. Enter or select a value for the conditions. This varies depending on the other conditions selected. For example, if you select Device Name, you must enter device name information; if you select Operating System, you must select a target OS from a list.
  6. To add another condition to the rule, click
    Add "And" condition
    Add "OR" condition block
    , then enter the rule condition information.
  7. Click
    Add New Tag Rule
To remove a tag rule, select a rule from the list and click Remove. If you remove a tag rule, it will also remove the tag from all devices.
To exclude a device from a tag rule, you can add an AND condition to exclude the specific device. You would set the Evaluation property to device, Operator value to Is Not, and Value to the specific device.