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Import a global list

You can import a Global List from
CylancePROTECT Desktop
so that you don't have to manually add hashes to the Global List.
Importing a
Global List that was exported from
is available in
v1.7.1 or higher.
  1. Click
    Global Lists
    . Or click the Global Lists widget on the dashboard.
  2. Click . The Import Global List window displays.
  3. Select the type of list you are importing.
  4. Browse for a .csv file or drag and drop one in the box.
  5. Click
    . Once imported a dialog displays the results:
    • Imported
      - This is the number of entries that were imported.
    • Skipped
      - This is the number of entries were not imported because they already exist in the Global List.
    • Conflicts
      - This is the number of entries that were in conflict because they were the wrong type. For example, you imported quarantined entries but the .csv file also contained three safelist entries so the three safelist entries would be listed as conflicts.
      You can export entries in this list for use in other applications by clicking . See Export Lists for more information.