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Filter lists

On a page that contains a list of items, you can filter those items to quickly locate the information you need.
  1. Click on the right side above the list to expand the list of filters available.
  2. Set one or more filters from the following types. Any filters you add display in the
    Quick Search
    field above the filter options.
    Quick Search fields
    Search across all items listed in the hint text of the field.
    Text Entry fields
    Enter a full or partial name of the term you are searching for in the column, such as the full file name, then click . Wildcards are not supported.
    Date Range fields
    Enter a date range or select a range by clicking on the date entry region. To remove a date range, click
    Selectable fields
    Click one or more options from the list. To remove a selected option, click the X to the right of the selected option.
  3. Click again to hide the filter options. A green circle appears on the icon to indicate that filters are applied.
To remove a filter from a list, click on the right side above a list and click the X beside an applied filter.