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Policy rule sets

You can automatically assign a policy to devices using a policy rule. Policy rules are created as part of a rule set. The first policy rule in the set that evaluates to
assigns the associated policy to a device. When a policy is assigned to a device, the remainder of the rule set is not evaluated since a device can only have one policy assigned.
You have six policy rules in a rule set. The first two rules evaluate to
. The third rule evaluates to
and its policy is assigned. The remaining three policy rules are not evaluated since a policy was already assigned, even though rules 4 and 5 would have evaluated to
for the device.
You can prioritize a rule by changing its order within the rule set. Policy rules evaluate the first rule set in order and evaluates each rule in order until it find one that is true, which is then applied to the device.
When assigning policy rules, consider the following:
  • After you edit a rule set and click
    , the newly saved rule set will be evaluated against all devices.
  • Newly added devices will be evaluated when the Agent registers with the
  • When the Agent reports updated attributes to the
    Console, the rule set will be re-evaluated and applied to a device that has had an attribute changed. Attributes for a device can be found on the Device Details page of a device.
  • If a tag is added or removed on a device, the rules will be re-evaluated and applied for that device only.
  • If no rules match a device, the Default rule will be applied, along with the Default Policy.
You can also manually assign policies to individual devices. See Assign a policy for more information.