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Deactivate a user

You can deactivate a user from the
console. After deactivating a user, the user cannot log in to your
console. You can still perform actions on deactivated users, such as edit or view the user's information.
  1. In the console, on the menu bar, click
    Access Management > User Management
  2. Click for the user you want to deactivate.
  3. Click
    . A message appears asking if you are sure you want to deactivate the user.
  4. Click
    Deactivate User
To delete a user, click besides the user you want to delete and click
. A message displays prompting you to confirm the deletion. Click
Remove User
. Deleted users are permanently removed from the system and cannot be recovered. You should deactivate a user if you want to keep a record of the user in the system or need to reactivate them in the future.