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Update database connection settings

You can update your database connection settings if you configured an external database when setting up
. This section is not displayed when you use the database shipped with
. When updating the database connection settings, the web browser might auto-populate the database password with the user password stored in cache. It is recommended to click the "eye" icon to make sure the correct password is entered. This appears to affect the
web browser only.
  1. In the console, on the menu bar, click
    Configuration > Settings
  2. Click beside Database Connection Settings.
  3. Update the PostgreSQL database information.
    • Hostname
    • Port
    • Database User
    • Database Password
    • TLS/SSL
    • Verify Peer Mode
      Verify Peer Mode
      disabled, the SSL certificate is not required. The connection is encrypted, but
      will not validate the peer certificate.
      You can add the certificate after you configure the syslog settings. Make sure you save any changes to this section before navigating to the Certificates page (Configuration > Certificates) to ensure your changes are not lost.
  4. Click
    Test Connection
    . This tests to ensure that
    can communicate with the database.
  5. Click .
To upload the external database certificate for SSL connection,  go to the
Configuration > Certificates
page and add the certificate. See Add a certificate for more information.