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Manage script events

You can manage script events found on devices in your organization on the Script Events page. The Script Events page displays a list of scripts that are considered threats. You can select one or more scripts and add them to the Global Safelist or acknowledge them. The Script Events page aggregates the same event for all devices to help "keep the noise down." You can view more details on a script event by selecting
Script Events
on the details page of a device. For more information on viewing events, see View events.
  1. In the console, on the menu bar, select
    Events > Script Events
    . Optionally, you can click the Script Events widget on the dashboard.
  2. Do any of the following:
    Add an event to the Global Safelist.
    1. Select one or more events from the list.
    2. Click
      Globally Quarantine
      . These events are automatically quarantined on all devices in your organization. The event status is also set to
    Acknowledge a threat.
    1. Select one or more events from the list.
    2. Click Acknowledge. This changes the event status from
      . This means that a user has manually acknowledged an event and lowers the threat in the list, allowing you to focus on events that require more attention. By default, the events list displays events that have not been acknowledged first.
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