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  • Create a DNS entry on your network. Work with your IT department, if necessary.
    • Create a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the virtual appliance. For example, a fully qualified domain name could be or
    • The DNS entry will need the IP address of the OVA operating system.
    • DHCP:
      If you use DHCP, the IP address for
      can be seen on the login screen of the virtual appliance. Refer to Import the OVA and configure DHCP for more information.
    • Static IP:
      If you use a static IP address, use that in the DNS entry. Refer to Import the OVA and configure a static IP address for more information.
  • Have a root CA certificate installed (trusted) on every endpoint.
  • Obtain a server certificate by submitting a CSR generated by
    or on another server to your Certificate Authority of choice. The server certificate must be installed on
    . If the latter method was used to obtain the certificate, the private key will also need to be installed on