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Import a policy

You can import device policies from the
CylancePROTECT Desktop
console (.xml file) and from other
console instances (JSON file) to make it easier to create and manage device policies.
When you import a policy from
CylancePROTECT Desktop
, consider the following:
  • The
    CylancePROTECT Desktop
    policy safe list will not be imported because it is a bloom filter, not a list of hashes.
  • If the policy also contains settings for
    , only the
    CylancePROTECT Desktop
    policy settings will be imported.
  1. In the console, on the menu bar, click
  2. Click the
    Import Policy
    icon. The Import Policy window displays.
  3. Enter a name for the policy under Policy Name.
  4. Click
    Browse for a file
    and select the policy.xml or policy.json file you exported.
  5. Click
    . The imported policy displays in the Policy list with the name you specified.
To export the policy as a JSON file, click the export icon in the Action column.