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event details

When a data exfiltration event occurs, the details of the event will be listed on the
events page. You can click on the row for each event to display further details about the exfiltration event, including the number of sensitive data types involved in the event, a snippet of the event, and download the file involved. The following steps outline how you can find the events page, and the actions you can take to view more details. For encrypted or password protected files, "encrypted file" will display instead of the sensitive data types.
The following data collection settings must be enabled to view file snippets and download the full file. See Configure data collection settings for more information.
  • Generate File Snippets
  • Enable evidence file collection
The following permissions are required to view event information:
  • View general events list
  • View device names
  • View user names
  • View policy names
  • Link to policy details
  • View data entities
  • View file details
  • Download full file
  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click
    CylanceAVERT > Events
  2. Click a row to view more details about an event.
  3. In the
    Event Details
    pane, do any of the following:
    • Under
      User details
      , click the user's name to be directed to the user's information page where you can view any policies, events, or devices associated with the user.
    • Under
      Policy Violations
      , click on a policy to view more information about the policy that was violated.
    • Under
      File details
      , click the information icon to view details about the file, including what type of file it is, the sensitive data types that were scanned, and the number of occurrences of those data types. You can click The View icon to view snippet information about the exfiltration event. You can also click The Download icon to download the file involved in the exfiltration event. Evidence files are downloaded as a compressed .gz file. You will need a utility tool, such as 7zip, to decompress the files and view them.