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Enable access to the
User API

Cylance Endpoint Security
supports integration with third-party programs using the
User API, a set of RESTful APIs. This allows your organization to programmatically manage
Cylance Endpoint Security
settings and configurations. Administrators can customize integration settings to control which API privileges a user has. For security, an API user needs an application ID and an application secret that you generate when you add a custom application in the management console. A tenant can have up to 10 custom integrations.
For more information, see the Cylance User API guide.
In July 2022, a security enhancement was introduced for existing
Cylance Endpoint Security
tenants. Users with the Administrator role can enable a new feature that permanently removes application secrets from the management console after they are generated, ensuring that they cannot be viewed by any users with access to the
console. If you enable this feature in Settings > Integrations, when an administrator generates or regenerates an application secret, it will display only until the administrator dismisses the dialogue or navigates away from the screen. The app secret will not display in the list. To remove your existing application secrets and enable this behavior, you can expand
Improved Security Available
and click
Remove Secret
. After you enable the feature, any application secrets that were generated previously will no longer be available to view. You should record existing application secrets before you enable this feature. You cannot revert to the previous behavior that exposes application secrets in the console. You can generate new application IDs and secrets as necessary.
For new
Cylance Endpoint Security
tenants created after July 2022, this feature is enabled by default.
  1. In the management console, click
    Settings > Integrations
  2. Click
    Add Application
  3. Enter a name for the application.
  4. Select the API privileges to allow access to.
  5. Click
    The application ID and application secret display.
  6. Click