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Deploy a package to collect data from devices

You can use the
package deploy feature to remotely and securely run a process (for example, a Python script) on
devices to collect and store desired data in a specified location for further analysis by security administrators. For example, you can run a process to collect browser data. You can use the
data collection packages that are available in the management console or you can create your own.
When you deploy a package to devices that are offline, the deployment will wait for those devices to come online for a specified period.
  • If desired, create a package that will execute on a device, collect specific data points, and output that data to a local or server location that you will specify in the steps below. For more information about creating a custom package, visit to read article 66563.
  • If you create your own package, you must upload it to the management console. In the console, go to
    CylanceOPTICS > Configurations > Packages
    , then click
    Upload file
  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click
    CylanceOPTICS > Packages
  2. Click
    Deploy Packages
  3. In the
    drop-down list, click the package that you want to send to devices. Click
    Add Another Package
    to add additional packages.
  4. In the
    Collection Type
    drop-down list, click the location where you want to store the data that the package will collect.
    • Local
      saves the data at the indicated path on the device.
    • If you select
      , or
      , specify the required information.
  5. Click
  6. Select
    and select the devices or zones that you want to deliver the package to.
  7. If you want to specify a timeout period and priority for the package deploy, click
    Show advanced options
    and do any of the following:
    • In the
      Valid for
      drop-down list, click the desired timeout period. If a device is not online within this period, the package deploy is cancelled for that device.
    • Adjust the
      slider to set a higher or lower priority. The priority is taken into account when other
      jobs are queued for the same device.
  8. Specify a name and description for the package deploy.
  9. Click
  • Navigate to
    CylanceOPTICS > Packages
    to view the current status and progress of the package deploy.
  • You can click a package deploy status to view details about the deploy. You can expand the Targets section to view the individual status of each device. If you want to stop a package deploy that is in progress, in the
    Select Action
    drop-down list, click
    Stop Job