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Using the InstaQuery facet breakdown

The InstaQuery facet breakdown provides an interactive visual display of the different facets involved in a query so that you can identify and follow their relational paths.
The sunburst model of the facet breakdown is useful for identifying suspicious activity in a given dataset. For example, if you try to find suspicious network connections across an environment or multiple zones, data patterns and anomalies can be difficult to pinpoint because of the volume and complexity of the data. The following images demonstrate how you can view and filter data in the facet breakdown to quickly locate suspicious activity.
The following images were generated by creating an InstaQuery to search for connections to a specific IP address. The results of the query were visualized into a sunburst diagram with these facets: device, primary image path, destination port, and destination address.
A sample facet breakdown diagram.
You can hover over any of the facets to display their associated values. In the following image, the administrator selected the outermost facet to view the name of the device, the path to the file that initiated the network connection, the port number used for the connection, and the IP address of the remote system.
This image demonstrates how you can select certain facets to view additional details.
When you hover over a facet, the associated parent facets are also highlighted to help you draw a visual relationship between the data points. In the example above, you can see that one device and one parent process were responsible for most connections to the IP address. The diagram also illustrates that many different network ports were used to connect to this IP address from the associated host, something that differs from the other two host facets in the diagram.
You can also obtain useful information from the refine results menus. Each of the facet menus contains the unique values and the number of occurrences for each facet. In the example below, you can see that there are two processes that were responsible for connections to this IP address:
Google Chrome
and Wscript.
This image demonstrates how you can refine results for specific facets in the facet breakdown.
When you click a facet value in the refine results menu, the diagram will change to display the facets that are directly related. This feature is useful to filter out irrelevant data and allow for a more focused analysis.