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Evaluate the risk level of a file

You can use the management console to evaluate the risk level of a file, as analyzed and determined by the CylancePROTECT cloud services. This feature gives you insight into how the
CylancePROTECT Desktop
agent would classify a file that it identifies on a device. Currently,
, and
executables are supported.
You must have the Administrator role to access this feature in the console.
  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click
    Protection > Threat Analysis
  2. Do one of the following:
    Look up a file by hash.
    In the
    field, type or paste SHA256 hashes, separating each hash on a new line. You can add up to 32 hashes.
    Upload a file.
    The maximum size of a file that you can upload is 10 MB.
    1. On the
      Upload File
      tab, click
      Browse Files
    2. Navigate to and select the file that you want to analyze. Click
  3. Click
  4. Review the file status to determine whether a threat was found or if the file is considered safe.
    If you receive a
    File Required
    status after you lookup a file by the SHA256 hash, upload the file on the
    Upload File
If necessary, add a file to the global quarantine list or to the global safe list. For instructions, see Add a file to the CylancePROTECT Desktop global quarantine or global safe list.