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Configure device lifecycle management

Agents that do not communicate with the management console are considered offline. This can happen when a user logs off for the day or when someone goes on vacation. If an agent has been offline for a long period of time, this could indicate that the device is no longer being used.
You can use the device lifecycle management feature to identify devices that are no longer in use. The feature tracks a device’s state as online, offline, and inactive, and you can set the number of days that a device is allowed to be offline before it is considered inactive. You can then determine whether an inactive device should be removed from the console. If a device should never be considered inactive, you can exclude it from device lifecycle management. An excluded device will have a state of online or offline.
When a device's state changes to offline, the console begins to track the number of days that the device remains offline. When the agent communicates with the console again, the device is online and the timer resets to zero days.
If an inactive device communicates with the console again, its state changes to online and the timer rests to zero days. Note that when you first enable the device lifecycle management feature, the timer starts from zero days for any device that is offline, regardless of the amount of days the device was offline for before the feature was enabled 
  1. In the management console, click
    Settings > Device Lifecycle
  2. Click
    Enable automated device lifecycle management
  3. Change the number of days (from 7 to 180 days) a device must be offline before its status is changed to inactive.
  4. To delete inactive devices, click
    Remove inactive devices
  5. Change the number of days (from 7 to 180 days) a device must be inactive before it is removed from the console.
    When you remove a device from the console, the device's data deletes, but the agent does not delete from the endpoint.
  6. Click
  • To view the state of a device, in
    Assets > Devices
    , see the
  • To view whether a device is included in device lifecycle management, in
    Assets > Devices
    , see the
    Lifecycle management
    column. If you don't see the column, you may need to manually reveal the column