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Home screen

This is the main screen where most interactions take place and where the core utilities of the application appear.
Some of the following features may be available on the Home screen depending on the permissions from your operator.
Menu icon
Opens the navigation menu.
The Tracking icon
Track Me
Periodically sends your location to your organization for the duration you choose.
The Check In icon / The Check Out icon
Check In/Check Out
Sends your location and timestamp to the server.
The Publish icon
Alert Publishing
Displays the login screen on tapping the icon. After logging in the alert template screen appears that has the list of alert templates to publish alerts.
The Change view icon
Change view
: Displays all activities including reports, tracking, and registration.
: Displays all alerts that have been sent to you.
You are connected to
Organization settings
Displays information about the organization you are currently connected to. For more information, see Organization settings.
The Alerts icon
Displays the number of unread alerts as a badge on the icon.
The Red Knob icon
Red knob
Slide the red knob to view the following options:
  • Report
    : Sends information to the central operations center of an organization. Users can select a template to send a report.
  • Emergency
    : Sends duress messages.
The collaboration icon
Displays a list of collaborations that you are involved in.