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Respond to alerts

The main function of the
BlackBerry AtHoc
mobile app is to respond to incoming alerts.
  1. Tap The Globe icon on your device.
  2. Tap the alert you want to view and respond to.
    Alerts details can include instructions such as evacuation information, response options, and attachments.
  3. Optionally, if there are attachments included in the alert, tap an attachment to view it. If there are multiple attachments, you can swipe right and left to view them. If there are .html, .kml, or .xml file attachments, you can tap the file and then tap
    to download it to the document directory on your device.
    On Android devices, on the window that appears, select the folder you want to download the file to.
  4. Optionally, if there is a location associated with the alert, tap
    View on map
    to view the location on a map.
  5. Tap
    to respond to the alert. You will see an
    button when the alert does not have any response options.
  6. Tap a response option.
    Response options may include conference call bridge numbers, which are visible under the text of the response option. When you select this response option, the app initiates a call. The passcode is automatically dialed. If you are disconnected, both the phone number and pass code are available on the alert details screen.
The Alert Details screen displays the alert that you responded to with the response option you selected.
Ended alerts are removed from the Inbox after 24 hours. This is a system setting that cannot be changed.