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Accountability event icons

The colors and icons identify the category of each event. The following table describes the accountability event icons:
Icon Name
The Blue Doc icon
Blue dot
A blue dot next to the title of the accountability event indicates that the user has not opened the accountability event. The blue dot disappears when the accountability event is opened by the user.
The Person icon
A Person icon indicates an accountability event.
The Live with reply icon
Live with Reply
A Live accountability event or accountability officer event with a Reply arrow indicates that a status update is requested.
The Live with replied icon
Live with Replied
A Live accountability event with a Replied arrow indicates that you have updated the status of the accountability event. A Replied icon replaces the Reply icon.
The Live icon
A Live accountability officer event indicates that the accountability officer has responded to the event.
The Accountability Officer event icon
An accountability officer event.
The Ended icon
An accountability event with Ended icon indicates that the accountability event has ended. You may or may not have updated your status for that accountability event.
The High severity icon
An accountability event with a high severity. High severity is reserved for extreme emergencies.
The Moderate icon
An accountability event with moderate severity.
The Low severity icon
An accountability event with low severity.
The Unknown severity icon
An accountability event with an unknown severity.
The Informational icon
An accountability event that includes information. For example, a meeting invite.
The Globe icon
An accountability event with a globe icon indicates that a location is associated with the event.
The attachments icon
An accountability event with an attachment icon indicates that the event includes one or more attachments.