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Collaboration enables users to send text based messages to a group of people. This easy to deploy and configurable feature is available on
smartphones. The security of collaboration messages is enhanced with GDPR and HIPAA compliance. Only an administrator can initiate Collaboration.
When you upgrade your app, or install a new version of the app on
smartphones, you are automatically enrolled for collaboration, if your organization has configured the feature. When you tap hamburger menu icon
> Collaborate
in the menu, the list of collaborations that you are a part of displays in descending order of the creation date. Collaborations that have unread messages are displayed on the top of the list.
  • BlackBerry AtHoc
    mobile app 4.6 or later must be installed on the device.
  • Administrators can add and remove users from a collaboration that is already in progress.
  • When you are added to a collaboration, you receive a notification that you can tap on to open the collaboration.
  • If you are added to a collaboration that is already in progress you can see all of the previously sent messages.
  • In a collaboration you can securely quote, delete, edit, and retract messages.
  • You can add attachments to a collaboration and open attachments that are in a collaboration.
  • A delivery status for each message displays so you can see who has viewed each message.
  • If you navigate away from the Collaborate page, you are disconnected from any active collaborations. Tap the Collaborate menu again to reconnect.