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Pair a V.ALRT  personal alert button with the 
BlackBerry AtHoc
 mobile app

You can pair a personal alert button with the 
BlackBerry AtHoc
 mobile app to be able to quickly and discretely publish an emergency alert.
  • Users must have permission to publish emergency alerts using a 
     Alert Button.
  • Bluetooth
     must be enabled on the device with the 
    BlackBerry AtHoc
     mobile app must be installed on it.
  • The V.ALRT  personal alert button must be within two meters of the device with the 
    BlackBerry AtHoc
     mobile app installed on it.
  1. Tap 
    BlackBerry AtHoc
     mobile app to launch the app.
  2. Tap The Menu icon > 
    Personal Alert Button
  3. Tap 
    BlackBerry AtHoc
     mobile app searches for and lists all active 
     personal alert buttons within a two meter range. The 
     personal alert button flashes a red light when it is in discovery mode.
  4. Tap the 
     personal alert button that you want to pair. For example, V.ALRT C3:60:E6 Bluetooth Alert Button.
  5. Tap 
    . The V.ALRT button will flash a green light while pairing. Wait until you see the following confirmations:
    • When the pair completes, on the 
      Button Pairing
       screen, you will receive a message that the device was successfully paired and a green check mark is displayed.
    • When the connection completes. You will receive a "
      Button Connected. V.ALRT Personal Alert Button has been connected.
      " message when it completes.
  6. After you receive the confirmation messages, tap 
You can monitor the connectivity status, connectivity strength, and battery levels on your personal alert button. The following table describes the different statuses that are displayed:
Status Color
You are disconnected from the device but paired.
You are successfully connected to the device.
If your device is not paired with the personal alert button, message with 
Start Pairing
 link option will be displayed on the Personal Alert Button screen.