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Enable or disable biometric authentication

When you start the alert publish flow from the mobile app, you can choose to log in using biometric authentication on your device. Biometric authentication enables operators to quickly authenticate on their device without the need to enter a username and password. When biometric authentication is enabled, the app displays a face or fingerprint authentication screen when the alert publishing flow starts. You can also use biometric authentication to view the alert summary for a sent alert.
When biometric authentication is enabled, if smart card authentication is then enabled, biometric authentication is disabled and the
Enable biometric authentication
setting is not displayed. A message is displayed on the mobile app to notify the end user.
  • Biometric authentication must be supported and set up on your device. iOS devices support Touch ID and Face ID. Android devices support Touch ID.
  • BlackBerry AtHoc
    management system release 7.10 or later release.
  1. Tap
    BlackBerry AtHoc
    mobile app to launch the app.
  2. On the
    Organization settings
    page, tap the
    Enable biometric authentication for alert publishing and reporting
    setting to the
  3. On the
    Enable biometric authentication
    screen, tap
  4. On the
    screen, enter your username and password.
  5. Optionally, when biometric authentication is enabled, tap the
    Enable biometric authentication for alert
    setting to the
    position to disable biometric authentication.