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Working with collaborations

  1. On the bottom right corner of home screen, tap The collaboration icon. The list of collaboration messages displays.
  2. To participate in a collaboration, tap on the group icon you wish to participate into, type your message in the message box, and tap arrow/enter
  3. In a collaboration you can perform the following actions:
    • You can respond to specific messages by selecting them and clicking 
    • You can edit a specific message that you have sent.
    • You can retract a message that you have sent. When you retract a message, the app displays the message to other users that it is retracted. 
    • You can delete a specific message after you have sent it.  
  4. To add an attachment to a collaboration, click add attachment, and browse to the file that you want to attach. 
  5. To send a high priority message, click high priority message.