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Restrict a user base by attributes

A user base can be restricted based on standard or user attributes assigned to end users, as well as membership in organizational hierarchies. The user base is defined using dynamic queries that are performed when an alert is created and when it is published.
If a parent operator has an unrestricted userbase, they can use either the AND or OR operators when assigning permissions to other operators. If a parent operator has a restricted userbase, they can only use the AND operator when assigning permissions to other operators. This prevents operators with a restricted userbase from assigning another operator permissions to access a less restricted userbase.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
  2. Click the row containing the operator name.
  3. On the user details screen, click
    Edit Operator Permissions
  4. On the user details screen, scroll down to the
    User Base
    section and select
  5. Click
  6. Select the AND/OR operator. When AND is selected, the user attribute must meet all conditions to restrict the user base. When OR is selected, attributes that match any of the conditions are included. The default is AND.
  7. On the
    Create Conditions
    screen, click
    Select Attribute
    and select the first attribute you want to use as restriction criteria.
  8. In the
    Select Operator
    field, select the operator that you want to assign to the attribute.
    The list of operators varies depending on the type of attribute selected.
  9. In the next field that appears, enter or select a value for the attribute.
  10. Optionally, click the
    Add Condition
    button and then repeat steps 7 through 9 for each additional attribute condition you want to add.
    You can restrict a user base using the User Last Updated Source attribute. For more information, see Restrict a user base with the User Last Updated Source attribute.
  11. Optionally, if your organization is set up to display organizations, in the
    Organization Hierarchy
    section of the
    User Attribute
    drop-down list, select one or more options that the operator can select from as alert targets.
    Users must belong to the selected organizational nodes and meet the other specified attribute conditions in order to be included in a user base.
  12. When you are done creating restriction criteria, click
  13. Optionally, on the
    Operator Permissions
    screen, view the list of end users who meet the criteria by clicking
    View users
    in the
    User Base
  14. Click