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Format an operator import file

Operator import does not support these fields: Firstname, Lastname, Displayname, Password changed date, and Last login date. If the import file contains these columns, they are ignored and the import proceeds without error. These columns may appear in your import file if you exported operator information and then modified the export file for import.
To import a CSV operator file, the following formatting standards are required:
Field Name
Is Mandatory?
The Username is a value that can be used to identify a user in the
BlackBerry AtHoc
system and the user repository (for example, LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory) within your organization. The Username column must contain a unique value.
The username cannot contain spaces or any of the following characters: [ ] : ; | = + * ? < >. Leading or trailing spaces are trimmed during the import process. After the leading or trailing spaces are trimmed, the username is accepted and the operator is imported.
Use the Roles column to assign roles and their associated permissions with an operator. To include multiple roles, use a comma-separated list with no spaces. The following roles can be included:
  • Accountability Manager
  • Accountability Officer
  • Activity Log Manager
  • Activity Log Viewer
  • Alert Manager
  • Advanced Alert Manager
  • Alert Publisher
  • Advanced Alert Publisher
  • Basic Administrator
  • Basic Operator
  • Connect Agreement Manager
  • Dist. Lists Manager
  • Draft Alert Creator
  • Enterprise Administrator
  • Organization Administrator
  • Report Manager
  • SDK User
  • User Manager
The roles that can be imported depend on the type of organization that you are importing operators in to (suborganization, enterprise organization, super enterprise organization, or system setup).
For more information about
BlackBerry AtHoc
roles and permissions, see BlackBerry AtHoc roles.
Permission expiration date
Set a date in the format configured for your organization in General Settings, or leave the cell blank to have no expiration date. The date must be equal to or later than the current date.
Alert Folders manage/publish
Enter the names of alert folders to give the operator permission to create, rename, delete, and publish alerts to them.
User base manage/publish
Enter the user attributes you want to restrict the operator's access to. Leave this column blank to import operators with an unrestricted user base. You must enclose each value with double quotation marks ("").
To restrict an operator's user base by organization hierarchy, ensure that the nodes in the organizational hierarchy attribute do not contain commas (,).
Open the user profile of a user in your organization that has a restricted user base and click The Copy icon in the
User Base
section to copy the attributes.
Dependents manage/publish
to enable the operator to create, delete, edit, and publish alerts to dependent users. Enter
to restrict the operators permissions to manage and publish alerts to dependent users. If a value is not entered, it is treated as a
Distribution List publish
Enter the names of static or dynamic distribution lists the operators will have permission to publish alerts to.
Distribution List manage
Enter the names of static or dynamic distribution lists the operators will have permission to manage.
Password never expires Yes/No
to configure the operators' passwords to never expire.
Change password next login Yes/No
to require operators to reset their password at next login.
Use the Organization column to assign operator roles to operators in organizations across a super enterprise or enterprise (including across the super enterprise, enterprise organization, sub enterprise organizations, and suborganizations.)
The Organization column does not assign users to organizations, it assigns operator roles in the specified organization.