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Operator roles and permissions

Only BlackBerry® AtHoc® System Administrators, Enterprise Administrators, and Organization Administrators can access the Edit Operator Permissions button on the user details page. The Edit Operator Permissions button displays the Operator Permissions page. The Operator Permissions page is used to grant or revoke a user’s operator rights and assign operator roles. The Operator Permissions page also allows authorized users to define the user base of each operator. The user base is the subset of end users a publisher can target alerts to.
Operators cannot update their own roles and permissions. Administrators cannot assign or revoke permissions for a higher-level role than their role. For example, an Organization Administrator can grant Organization Administrator permissions to another operator, but cannot grant Enterprise Administrator or System Administrator permissions.
Enterprise and super enterprise organizations display users and operators in each sub enterprise and suborganization. Operators in a suborganization can be made an operator in the super enterprise or enterprise by using the Edit Operator Permissions button on the user details page in the super enterprise or enterprise organization. For more information, see the guide.